"The design should make the product talk, so to speak."

Dieter Rams, *1932, product designer

Fiber optics are the future of data transmission: High speed with infinite bandwidth. Versatel wanted a corporate design that made the technology and the speed immediately recognizable. The result: A new color scheme that presents fiber optics as a graphical element and standardized images that make Germany's second largest fiber optics supplier unmistakable. In addition, communication with customers in the B2B target group was improved and used as the springboard for new messages.

A new corporate design was adopted and the first campaign was launched in just 5 weeks.

“Design is also what you do not see.”

Walter de Silva,*1951, automotive designer

Anyone who shows consistency in corporate design will achieve recognition. It is the many small details that play the important role. The CD Guidelines for Online and Print created by AVANCE Munich make sure that everything is standardized – from the office equipment to the PowerPoint master slide and the e-mail signature. As comprehensive as necessary, as flexible as possible. Because the company's sales partners also need to present the new look to the outside world.

“Design without content is not design, but decoration.”

Jeffrey Zeldman,*1955, web designer

Not only making complex content look good, but also making it easy for the reader to understand – this is a requirement that applies in particular to all digital media, from websites and newsletters to moving images. The user experience is the focus of the new concept.

The highlights at a glance

  • Further development of the corporate design
  • Content-related and creative development of sales materials
  • Lead agency for the B2B sector
Versatel Highlights

Pictures say more than words:

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