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Accompany your customers on individual customer journeys.

Customer journey management: get results systematically

The more complex the processes and structures are, the more important it is to map them strategically. This applies to customer journeys in particular.

Customer journeys do not follow a straight path anymore, but are extremely dynamic. This is caused by digitalization and changed customer behavior. Searching is mainly done online and purchasing is done on the spot. Touchpoints must touch and deliver results throughout the  customer journey. An integrated view of marketing, sales and service is just as essential as a razor-sharp definition of the target group in the form of buyer personas. This is the only way to manage customers with the right content at the right time. From the initial contact to purchasing and beyond – cross-media and cross-channel. AVANCE assists you with the systematic development of individual customer journeys, from the definition of the central buyer personas and most important touchpoints, through to mapping the customer journey and designing a content strategy.

Customer journey mapping

Which touchpoints already exist? Which ones are important? And why? Customer journey mapping enables you to gain an overall overview of your touchpoints and their performance, and acts as a springboard for optimization.

Buyer personas

Who do you actually want to address? The buyer persona representation helps you identify the most important aspects of your target group, and thereby communicate more personally.

Content strategy

A common thread is needed to create the right message at the right time, at the right touchpoint, and then to thrill as well. Or also: a content strategy. This is essential for a rigorous and coherent customer journey.

The customer journey must become personal.


of a total of 250 companies questioned believe they are faced with strongly changing requirements.


of purchasing experiences depend on how well the customer feels treated.


of customers would pay a surcharge in order for a company to guarantee a better service.

Sources: IDC/McKinsey/Defaqto Research

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