Giving direction
Achieving success with a plan.

Marketing strategy: keep an eye on the market, with the deal in mind.

Marketing decision-makers must today consider different perspectives. Markets and target groups are changing ever more quickly; the time to act is becoming scarcer.

At the same time there are increasingly more channels and media for communication, and ever more opportunities to obtain data from the dialog between the brand and the customer. And all of this as closely aligned with the sales structure as possible: When is a lead “mature” for handover to Sales? What insights have been gained from contact with the customer? Are the campaigns worth it in the end? And how do you manage to lose as little information as possible at the interfaces?

This also plays a role in your work with agencies: the oft quoted “pretty pictures” are not enough anymore. AVANCE regards itself as the customer’s partner in sales and marketing. With a sustainable consulting process, workshops, analyses, as well as our industry and channel know-how, we jointly develop a strategic approach that makes your organization measurably more successful.

Strategic marketing specialists are needed


of companies see a missing overall marketing strategy as fatal for success.


have gaps in their expertise in the area of channels and technical possibilities.


feel that they have been either badly or not at all advised by their agency.

Sources: eprofessional/statista 2015

Workshop in CRM marketing

The building blocks of our workshop and consulting concept for comprehensive stocktaking and analysis of opportunities.

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